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My new album “#4” is out now!

This album is both the end and the beginning of a huge chapter in my life. For the last few years the “#4” universe has been my safe haven, my bright little light, in which I could always stay when I was having a hard time dealing with everyday life. It felt like my secret mental place where I could translate all my emotions and feelings into sounds. That is why I will always have a warm heart for this record and I am incredibly proud that it will be out in the world today. 

I hope when you dive into the world of “#4” you will be able to dream away for a while, leave the worries of life behind you and experience a warm and secure feeling. I think the latter in particular is one of the most beautiful things you can achieve by listening to music.

Album artwork image by Laura Makabresku.


Before any sound

When I started writing this song I immediately heard the beautiful soft deep voice of Pieter’s with it.


I’m a great fan of his music and we have known each other for several years and we regularly crossed paths at shows or other occasions. I remember we both worked on this song remotely in our own home studio. At that point we were at the end of the Covid lockdown and normal life could quietly resume.


The result is a wonderful blend between both our musical worlds where Pieter almost softly whispers his vocal lines so that it resonates perfectly in my dreamy universe. 

“Before Any Sound” is the third single taken from the new Illuminine “4” album, which will be released on Oct, 20th (yes, that is already in two weeks, exciting!)


Catch The Night in Marble

I remember writing this song after a long, warm late summer day. It was then unclear whether the Covid measures would be relaxed in view of the winter. While everyone craved for a feeling of freedom and exuberance, I felt just the opposite. I went through a 'darker' period and just needed the simplicity and the small universe of the Covid bubbles.


At that moment a very strong feeling of melancholy came over me. I remember that guitar riddle flowed out of my hands without thinking. To be on the safe side, I quickly recorded the number on my cell
phone. Only when I heard Vincent Coomans for the first time a few weeks later on the radio program duyster all the puzzle pieces in my head fell together.

Immediately I thought his warm voice and feel would fit that guitar track perfectly. So it happened. Vincent perfectly summarizes that one moment with his beautiful words and vocal melody. 


"Catch The Night In Marble" is the second single taken from Illuminine "#4", out on Oct, 20th.

Eunoia's Theme

‘Eunoia' has acquired many meanings over the centuries. Personally, eunoia represents a beautiful thought and feeling safe and secure in your own mind. It’s like finally having a nice and soothing conversation with yourself after worrying about everything and not feeling ok for quite a while.


Music for me has always been an escape from the complex reality I experience due to my autism. This was no different when writing this song and I remember this composition being written in a few minutes, a beautiful snapshot and one of the rare moments when I found peace in my mind at the time. I also consciously chose to keep all the original first recordings to ‘immortalize’ that beautiful moment.


Since then, I have been playing the main theme of this song whenever I want peace in my mind and spend a moment in a carefree world. 'Eunoia's Theme' is the basis of this new record and triggered the whole creative process.

Many thanks to everyone involved in creating the world around ‘Eunoia’s Theme’, the Blue Marble label team, Juan Moreno for the mixing wisdom, Gert Van Hoof for your mastering ears, Vitalli Peters for the visuals design and Jana As for all the support, video and pictures.

Live shows

First Belgian dates announced 

Tickets and info


A new chapter

Five years after the release of '#3' I am very happy to announce its successor today. '#4' is the result of an eventful personal and musical journey that I have been on in recent years. I had always thought that '#3' would be the end of the triptych, but in recent years I have never felt such a strong urge to create my own musical universe again. When I was in the world of ‘#4’ I felt safe and secure and making this album saved me in many ways. It was the start of a new chapter in my life.

To celebrate this I will perform with a full band at select locations in my home country Belgium for the first time in five years. Apart from that there are also a couple intimate (solo) performances on the schedule. Every performance will be unique and can’t wait to share the new music and #4 universe on stage soon.

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