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“Illuminine sends you on a journey deep into an ambient ocean of waking dreams and melancholia, softness and pain, a gentle, sweet, slow confusion that tangles and untangles like the weeds in the waves. There is no way back – only through”

In the silence of the night, Kevin Imbrechts awoke as Illuminine. Alone in his bedroom, surrounded by a guitar, a handful of style effects pedals and toy synthesizers. He created his own little sound universe, a mix between neo-classical and post-rock.


Imbrechts debuted in 2015 with the untitled ‘#1’, a record that set the foundation for his unique guitar sounds and soundscapes. ‘#1’, as well as ‘#2’ and ‘#3’ are all mixed at Sigur Rós Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland by Birgir Jón Birgisson. Today, Illuminine released four studio albums, four rework albums, one OST and various EP’s and singles. As a result his music has reached more than 30 million streams on Spotify alone and got covered in international media such as BBC, KEXP, NPR, The Guardian, VICE, Pitchfork and so on. In 2017 Imbrechts signed with publisher Manners McDade (London, UK) and his German label ferryhouse. 


Besides his own work, Illuminine collaborated with other artists such as Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie (USA, A Winged Victory for the Sullen), Alex Somers (IS, Sigur Ros, Jónsi), Will Samson (UK), Daigo Hanada (JAP), Francesco Fabris (IT), Valgeir Sigurðsson (IS) and Federico Albanese (IT). In 2020 Illuminine released the first edition of ‘Dear, Piano’, containing reworks from 19 critically acclaimed pianists from all over the world, such as Dominique Charpentier (FR) , Sergio Díaz De Rojas (PER) and Simeon Walker (UK). Because of the great success a sequel was released in 2022, ‘Dear, Piano #2’ with contributions from Hideyuki Hashimoto (JAP), Mattia Vlad Morleo (IT) and Klaus Sahm (GER). 


Throughout the years his music appeared in many movies and documentaries from around the world. He wrote the soundtrack for the ITV (UK) series  ‘Against the Odds’ (2022), Belgian movie ‘De Stig’ (2020), documentary ‘Affliction’ (2015) for Doctors Without Borders and the trailer song and closing track for the Xbox game ‘Somerville (2022).


“The mood he sets is vulnerable and beautiful, so easy to get lost in.”

- Disco Naïveté

“Boundaries are broken further by the Popul Vuh-like, Belgian outfit Illuminine whose hypnotic album #1 was mixed in Iceland by Birgir Jón Birgisson at Sigur Rós’s Sundlaugin studio. Sigur Rós fans, take note – especially of “Llyr”, the album’s second track, which

shares its impressionism with that of second-album Sigur Rós, who Birgisson has produced.”

- Kieron Tyler, The Guardian, Mojo

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